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If you wish to use this DreamPlan Plus software to check your PC performance, then you need to download it from internet. You will not find any download link in the website but will get it from other user. The name of the downloaded software is named as DreamPlan Plus. In this application, you will find several options to check the PC performance of windows XP. You can modify your settings in the applications by double clicking any button on the screen of the computer and the system will be able to automatically analyze the usage pattern of the application.

In the free version of the software, you will not find some of the advanced features like the ones that come with a paid version. However, you will find the easy installation process as the installation tool is available in this software. During the installation process, you will see the "Double Click" option on the main window. This is used for modifying the Windows startup procedure. After you have done the installation, you will be able to start the application easily and without the help of the manual.

You will be able to start the software with the instructions provided by the user during the installation process. This application can be very useful for diagnosing the problems of the hardware or the software of your PC. You can run the benchmark before you make changes in the settings of the application. This will help you make quick decisions regarding the performance of the PC. You will not find any other tool that provides you with so many options to do the maintenance and the troubleshooting of the system easily. The main benefit of using this application is that you can access to the information easily without spending money.

by NCHSoftware
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